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Our mission at Softfall Testing is to ensure that all play spaces, wherever the location, comply with the Australian Standards to minimize the risk of injury to playground users. We achieve this by carrying out complete playground audits and impact attenuation surface testing.

Softfall Testing is Australian owned and operated and only employs auditors and certifiers. All of our auditors and certifiers hold a level 3 playground safety inspector qualification as well as including hands on experience with playground installation. We are passionate about ensuring a continuity of functionality and safety of playgrounds.

Playground Auditing 

Auditing services we provide

We provide the following services as per the requirements of the Australian Standards:

  • Playground planning, design and development consultations

  • Comprehensive post-installation inspection are required to be carried out by a competent person prior to the opening of the playground. For an existing playground with no previous inspection records or there are serious safety concerns this inspection can also be done to ensure its safety and compliance.

  • Comprehensive annual inspections  

  • Operational inspections are required to be carried out on a regular monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Ongoing routine inspections.

  • Any potentially harmful situations shall be reported and rectified immediately.  

Playground Auditing

Providing advice and strategies for safer playgrounds

Australian Standards insist that all playgrounds are guided under a safety management plan. Whether it be designers, manufacturers, installers or operators, the management of risk in a play space is the responsibility of everyone involved in the provision of play.

The playground operator acknowledges that an element of risk applies to all children's play and he/she allows the equipment to be used in acceptance of all such risks. While every endeavour is made to anticipate potential hazards, a finding of compliance with a standard does not imply that the use of the equipment is free of risk. The playground operator remains responsible to ensure that equipment is only used by the intended age or user group with appropriate supervision when equipment is in use.

It is the responsibility of the playground owner to ensure that the equipment is not used unless it is in safe working order. For continued safety we recommend regular safety inspections as per the manufacturers' recommendations and the installation and maintenance of under surfacing in accordance with Australian Standards.

We work with designers, manufacturers, installers and operators to reduce their legal liability by making sure the playgrounds they manage are safe and comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

We provide advice to help develop and maintain a program of inspections into the future. The program will incorporate the type of inspection, frequency of inspection, along with the elements to be inspected, incorporating the manufacturer's instructions and local risk factors.

Softfall testing

We provide on-site testing to ensure that a playground or softfall safety area complies with the current Australian Standards. We perform these tests directly to the surface with our impact-attenuation equipment certified to AS4422:2016 by a NATA certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory.

Surface testing (of one or more material components such as shredded rubber bound together with urethane) formed into a sheet, tile or other continuous surface changes little with consecutive and or repeated use. As a minimum it is required to be tested every three years in accordance with AS 4422.

Loose fill surfaces may not require regular testing as long as it conforms to requirements of AS/NZS 4422 and has been installed to a minimum depth to 300mm and maintained so it never drops below 200mm.

  • Impact-attenuation surface testing is required to be carried out as part of the comprehensive post-installation inspection.  

  • During the routine, operational and comprehensive annual inspections a visual inspection of the surfacing should also be undertaken. Any potential hazardous situations shall be reported immediately and/or rectified. 

We provide our surface testing on the following materials:

  • Sand materials
  • Artificial grass systems
  • Wetpour rubber systems
  • Rubber mats, bricks or tiles

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